Fan or Follower of Jesus Christ?

Are you a fan or follower of Jesus Christ? Listening to Pete Wilson this morning in this sermon, he mentioned Glenn Timmermann, the world's largest Chicago bear fan who decorates his yard (and his body) in support of his team.

Glenn knows the history, the players, the drama and the emotions of the Chicago Bears, but as Pete pointed out in the sermon, would Glenn be able to execute a play on the field if called upon?  My hunch is that he could give it his best try, but he's probably going to get hurt.  There is a difference between knowledge and execution.

Using this analogy, Pete emphasized that knowledge isn't the only qualifier of spiritual maturity and that perhaps we as the church have placed such great emphasis on knowledge, that we have forgotten what Jesus said to follow him. "Love the Lord with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself"

Do we as believers have a "fan" mentality of Jesus or are we followers.  It's easily said that one is more difficult than the other.

Which are you?  Thanks Pete for the challenge.


jeremyawalker said...

To be frank, our mentality has been to be a fan of Him rather than a follower. We watch with true amazement as He conducts his majestic symphony, but we wouldn't dare to get in the mix. It would be difference between us watching Bret Favre win the next Superbowl and say, "Wow, what a great QB." and us going to Vikings training camp and shagging balls...

Doing the grunt work for the Lord has been lost on our population. We have to do a better job of involving our congregations, rather than just entertaining them.