"Pave The Way for Modern Baptist Worship"

They say that the best material is found close to home. The best material to talk about and discuss is found where you live.  So, I'd like to talk about something that I've just discovered in 5 years of living here.

Recently on a prayer walk around the church, I stopped to read the historical marker of our church. I admit, that in 5 years, I hadn't paid much attention to it or even read it.  But on this day I did and boy was I enlightened in the first sentence.

"Founded in May 1883 one year before Scurry County was organized, this pioneer institution helped pave the way for modern Baptist worship in the area."

Stop--did it say "MODERN BAPTIST WORSHIP"? What did that mean?  Did it mean in 1883?  Did it mean in the 1977 when the historical marker was placed (in Texas you submit these sites to a Historical commission and so, we wrote this biography of us).  What was the meaning of MODERN BAPTIST WORSHIP? 

In 1883 that might have meant a pump organ or something. In the 70's that would have meant guitars and youth groups.  But what does that mean for us today?

You see if we define MODERN BAPTIST WORSHIP by a time period, we will always be stuck with what was instead of what is.  Does that make sense?

  • Worship is an organic expression of the people of God for that time and that moment. 
  • It's fluid and in a way cannot be contained to a style, a form, an expression or instrument of worship.
  • It's fresh and new and living in the moment with Christ (although it is formed and shaped by past experience--this is never the measure of what should be but where we have been)

This is beginning to sound like a treatise on worship, instead I think of it as a thought generator on what that phrase means for us today.  MODERN BAPTIST WORSHIP?  I would hope that in the coming years that generations would see this sign and see: People who worship 24/7; people who worship with  a fresh expression of the Spirit; a People who are being formed in Christ through worship, study, service and fellowship; a People on mission with God to their current mission field be that at home or abroad.

For me--that would be the best explanation that this institution is a pioneer in this area for MODERN BAPTIST WORSHIP. ( It's not about style--it's about heart).   Anyone else want to be a pioneer?

P.S.--according to sociologist we don't live in a MODERN world anymore--and that's the subject of another whole hosts of blog posts!