Happy Birthday Baby Dan!

Happy Birthday Baby Dan! That's what we used to say to him when he was little. He's not so little anymore. My son turns 13 today! Yikes! Where did the time go?

Looking back on these pictures he has grown up so fast. From the little boy that used to scoot across the floor to our room to the young man now that hangs off the end of my couch when he lays down. He's been a lot of fun.

When turning 13 tradition in most cultures is that this is when you become a "man". What does that mean?

Over the last three years I've been trying to instill in him the things that are important and that as a man that he must do (Love God, Love Others, Do Good and Love your Momma!) I think he's done pretty well on all of these although there have been times that this King has had to remind the Prince to treat the Queen with a little more respect ( I tell her it's just the male part of him trying to assert himself).

We've gone through a book study on becoming a man. So, now I guess it's time to take the test and see how he flys.

Happy Birthday Daniel--I love you son and pray God's richest blessings on you in your year of "Becoming a man!"