Katrina--5 Years Later

This weekend will mark the 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina which was one of the first events that I can remember after we arrived here in Snyder in July of 2005.

That weekend we were planning as a staff to get away for a staff retreat.  I had been the last staff member to come on board and so we needed some time away to plan.  When we arrived late Sunday night to our destination we were riveted to the TV to see what was happening.  Over the next three days we couldn't believe what we saw happening and wondered what our response needed to be.
By the next Sunday we had been contacted by another church (through that church members staff) that two whole families had landed in Arlington, Tx with nothing and could we help furnish 2 apartments.  We immediately said yes!

By Tuesday we had packed a trailer full of supplies and furniture along with thousands of dollars in funds to accomplish the task.  We did it in one day and came home very tired but filling satisfied that we had helped.  I remember sitting there talking to the mother of the families and I couldn't say anything but "I'm sorry" and gave her my card and told her to call if they needed anything else.

Do you know to this date I still hear from her at Christmas telling me all about her family (they've since returned to New Orleans) and I keep her posted on those that came from our church to help her.

As a side note, tomorrow I will attend the funeral of the lady who was responsible for putting us in touch with these Katrina Families.  Mrs. Pauline Strickland, who was a cancer patient from our church was in Arlington for a treatment and ran into these families at a hotel.  There she heard their stories and told her daughter "we've got to do something"  The rest is history.   I just find such sweet irony that she returned to her heavenly home 5 years after helping these helpless families.

You never know in the span of time what one act of service for Christ will mean.  For these New Orleans families, and for countless others, it meant the world.

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