Change and Be Changed

This is a rotary phone kids!

Take a look at the piece of technology to the left.  Yes, that is a phone.  Archaic as it may look, it was the groundbreaking piece of technology that launched a revolution among teens in the 60's-70's (it was hip to have your own Princess or Rotary phone in your room!)  Ok, it's today's equivalent to having a cell phone. Does that make it easier to understand?

We were talking the other day about a "voice prompt" from a company on the phone.  There was an actual prompt that if you were calling from a rotary phone to follow this or that procedure.  The question came, "who still has a rotary phone?" to which one of our staff said, "My mom does"

It's all around us.  I'm sure that there are people (not many) who still play an old LP turn table for their music (if you know someone like that be sure and take the kids by to see that technology).  There might even be someone who still watches Black and White TV (even rarer) or who (gasp!) still writes letters by hand.

The point to all of this is that CHANGE, the dreaded C word, is happening all of the time to us and we adapt when we like it and we complain when we don't.  Believe me, as adapatable as I am, there are times when I like some things the way they are and when they change I don't like it but for the most part I role with the flow and just realize that's the way it is.

I think it's naive for us to think that the world will stay the same, the way we like it forever, and be our picture of utopia.  It's never going to be like that.

So just get ready. Future generations will look at our revolutionary changes right now and say "how primitive is that" (remember the clunky car bag phone--uh huh, yeah you know you wanted or had one of those!).  It's all going to change and you have to decided to change and be changed.  The only thing that won't is God!