Worship Confessional, August 29, 2010

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This was Communion Day for us. Originally scheduled for the first Sunday in August, it was delayed because of our Pastor coming in view of a call that Sunday. So, we pushed it back to today.  Add on top of that Baptisms and other church events and it was a full day with not a moment to spare.

Set List:

Walk In Music--Hear Our Praises (Hillsong)  This worked well last week and today too as it got people moving into the Worship Center sooner. That's our goal to get everyone gathered more quickly.
Glory To God Forever (Fee) This has been our song of the summer.
Offertory Prayer
The Wonderful Cross (Tomlin)
We Will Remember (Tommy Walker)  This song was new to us but it's been on my radar for a year now.  We just love Tommy's music.  It's so soulful and fun to sing. This one will stay with us for a while.
Morning Message: Re-member (Clayton Griggs)
Lord's Supper (with Remembrance (The Communion Song) (Redman)
Closing Remarks
New Doxology (Gateway)

How was your Sunday?


terry timm said...

Jim - thanks for sharing your morning of worship.

I totally agree with you about Tommy Walker's stuff - it has an energy and dynamism unlike anything else out there right now. His stuff is also pretty difficult to pull off without technically good musicians.

Don't forget to give props to Matt Maher for the Communion song as well :)

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